MS Starrevold (Parents Voice) Nido Community

Everyday we are greeted with smiles and a warm welcome. I really appreciate and love getting a quick breakdown of my child’s day. I never have to ask questions as its always informative and friendly. I would always recommend the Nido Class to my friends as I’ve seen my child has grown and developed so much. He’s a very happy boy in this class. Bhavika is his favourite teacher and I know why. She’s always happy and smiles. You can tell she really enjoys job and knows the children’s individual needs.

Mrs. Mahdi Infant Community

My child loves coming into nursery and always tells me that its ‘fun’. She’s been talking so well, and I can tell she is learning a lot here. She is always happy when I pick her up and gives me details on what she ate and played with!

Mr. Mathur Children’s House

My son has just joined the school after a break of 2 ½ months, and he is already feeling comfortable. Credit goes to the teachers who makes the environment so comfortable and caring for the kids. The staff all listen very carefully to all the things that we tell them and then makes sure that it is properly followed. Thanks a lot.

Mrs. Mistry Nido Community

I am pleased with the knowledge staff have of my child and the care that they provide. The feedback is of good quality. I like the fact my child is spoken to in multiple languages. My daughter is very happy in nursery and that puts my mind at ease.

Ms. Oltaf Infant Community

I can say she truly loves her time there. Her speech has developed very quickly, and she has started socialising more. Every evening when I collect her, she is full of excitement and talks about her day on her way back home. Many of the skills and habits she is taught in class, she enjoys doing at home. For instance, helping to wash up and sometimes tidy up. As a parent, I love the setup of this Montessori nursery.

Mrs. Rodrigues Infant Community

My child has been improving on his speech, and his vocabulary has increased significantly. He haslearned basic responsibilities of tidying up his toys and can recite numbers from 1-10. I am very pleased with how he is developing. Thank you for all the support you guys give us to bring him up so well.

Mr. Whittock & Ms. Fujii Nido Community

The staff are great! Every morning we receive a warm welcome from all the staff. They have settled my son in great and he loves going to nursery. We love ParentZone portal and enjoy the photos. Thank you for all your hard work to keep children safe and happy!

Mr & Mrs Robertshaw Children’s House

Love the wellbeing activities- Yoga, Music, drumming, ZooLab etc. My child seems very close to all the teachers and speaks about them fondly.

Ms. Swaly Children’s House

My son is enjoying himself at nursery, and has lots of friends he talks about. We Love the zoo animals that come in.

Mrs. Muresan Infant Community

My child is happy at the nursery and is making good progress. I receive valuable information from the nursery about my child’s progress. I would recommend this nursery to another parent and I am happy that my child is happy. Thank you very much to all of you.

Mrs. Ruparelia Infant Community

We are excited by our son’s progress. He really enjoys coming to nursery and talks a lot about his teachers. All the teachers have been very encouraging & supportive & it is amazing to see how much his confidence has grown. All around he’s been doing well, and we look forward to watching him progress further at Learning Stars.Since joining nurseryhe has developed in so Many ways. He is more confident and balanced and looks forward to attending Nursery. He loves his teachers very much and always talks about them. The teachers are very approachable to parents. We are very happy with the teaching he is receiving.

Mrs. Jathar Infant Community

I am glad my child has settled so well in Infants. All thanks to the staff for making things easy for my child. I appreciate all the hard work, love and care given by you all. I can see her changing, developing and learning new things. Thank you for everything.

Ms. Sevlani Infant Community

My daughter has learned a lot from nursery like colours, shapes, months of the year, days of week, etc. She has started communicating a lot now. She enjoys attending nursery these days. I have been informed properly like what she has been up to all day at the end of the day when I come to pick her up from nursery.

Doctor Bergin Infant Community

My child loves being at nursery and has learnt the skills required to interact socially. The carers are fantastic and pay attention to her, making her feel at home. She cries when I leave but has stopped and is laughing before the door is fully closed!My 4-year-old is at school but comes to help drop and collect her sister. Staff always talk to her and she wanted me to say, ‘lots of nice things’ and ‘they are lovely’ and ‘tell them I love them because they are nice!’ Thank you for making her feel like part of her sisters life at nursery. It helps her be a big sister. My duaghter has continued to develop and build confidence at learning Stars. She really enjoys coming to nursery and the staff take great care of her. Thanks for all the attention!

Mr. Patel Infant Community

It’s been so great to see my son enjoy going to nursery. He always has a lot of stories to tell when he comes home too. The staff, facilities, offerings for the kids are impressive- could not fault a single thing!

Mr & Ms Nasir Infant Community

We wanted to thank the staff, particularly everyone working with Eesa in the infant room. We have noticed so much improvement with his speech and we realise it is all credit to your lovely staff, who work closely with him on a daily basis. The girls are so diligent and dedicated towards him. I just received yet another lovely observation regarding his speech We really appreciate the care our son gets at the nursery.



Mrs Qadir (Parents Voice) Infant Community

Learning Stars has had positive impact on my child. He is doing many tasks independently and his language has improved enormously. We are very impressed and happy with the nursery, especially the staff in Infant Community.

Ms Brewster (Parents Voice) Infant Community

Lovely friendly staff that always make myself, my family and my son welcome, share learning experiences with us via the parent portal which allows us to see what he’s been up to. Celebrations of birthdays and national days which embrace British Values and teaches Alfie about other diverse cultures. Lovely Nursery

Mrs Deivile Infant Community

The most beautiful nursery which I found for my child in our area. Staff very friendly and helpful. My child loves all of them! I can trust them 100%. He going to nursery with smile to see all his friends. Every day he learn something new. This nursery is really part of our family. Thank you!

Mrs Blankenshaw Infant Community

We are glad that you do literacy and maths with the two-year olds. Glad you spent a day at the park- our child still talks about it. You are always very friendly, and we feel like everyone really cares about her. We like the holistic approach to children’s education. We like that there are healthy varied meal options.

Mrs Ghaith Nido Community

We feel our child loves his nursery, his class and his teachers. We like that our child has music classes. The routine suits our lifestyle and we like that Ahmed is given a late snack.

Mrs Mulin Childrens House

Children’s House, is a wonderful place for children to explore and grow up. The teachers and staff are all very caring. It is a very safe environment. My son has been thriving since he joined. He is a very happy little boy.

Mrs Zeb Children’s House

I am very lucky to have a nursery near my house as it is walking distance. I like the staff, they are very helpful and friendly. My kids are very happy in this nursery. I will recommend it to other parents! Thank you.

Mr Akram (Parents Voice) Children’s House

My child is very happy at Children’s House and at Learning Stars. She has learned so much, is reading very well, and always talks about the world and different cultural topics, the nursery is introducing. I also love the fact they have so many extra- curricular and trips.

Mrs Manari (Parents Voice) Children’s House

We are really happy with the teachers at Learning Stars. Our daughter has improved so much. Her confidence, analytical thinking, everything, has increased. Good job Learning Stars. Thanks for being supportive and so loving, as my daughter always wants to come to nursery on weekends. Lots of love.

Mrs Iyer (Parents Voice) Childrens House

Very happy with the nursery. You guys are doing great work. Love the various events and activities you organize for the children. Very loving and homely atmosphere. Special thanks to my child’s teachers Marta/Carol and Andrea and all the staff. This page is not enough to mention your good work!!!

Mrs Chhetry Infant Community

The teachers and staff provide a warm and loving environment for the children. They have made my son feel at home. I am surprised how quickly my child settled in nursery and that’s all down to the friendly and caring nature that Learning Stars provides. Thank You.

Mrs Hussain Children’s House

Love the nursery, love all the staff. They are very loving and caring towards my child.

Mrs Turkan Children’s House

I’m so happy for everything you’re doing to my son. Your school comfortable like his home.

Ms Lazar Children’s House

I am very happy about all the staff, they love the kids and treat them with love. They teach them beautiful songs and useful things. Happy to have choose this nursery.

Ms Henriques Infant Community

The staff are friendly, I like the place is clean and the atmosphere around is very lovely and safe for the children.

Mr & Mrs Patel Children’s House

My daughter is progressing very well. She enjoys all her activities, especially her trips out. We are very happy with her progress and thankful to all the teachers for helping her.