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Yoga, Music & Meditation

Antarma’s music spreads joy and uplifting energy. Heart opening songs on Guitar, Ecstatic Afro Brazilian Djembe Rhythms, Soul, Reggae and Hip-hop. He has been on the path of meditation for 21 years and also shares Mantra and Meditation.

He is level 3 qualified Youth worker and has 14 year’s experience teaching Djembe, Drumming, Kids Yoga and Guitar and has done this with a wide range of different groups, including schools, nurseries, colleges, children with special needs, refugee youth groups, as well as youth centres with young people at risk of gang crime.

Antarma plays at events, retreats and festivals across the UK. He is regulary invited to hold workshops and concerts internationally in Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Estonia and Malaysia.

“Let the clouds pass, cause you are the sky that’s blue”



Alex Akal


Alex Akal is an experimental musician who has performed in different countries in Europe and Asia.

His speciality are vocals and wind instruments, and he also plays percussive and string instruments. Through his travels, Alex has discovered the beauty of many traditional exotic instruments, and has been experimenting with many of them to create unique music that merges different cultures.

Alex has studied music at Cavem Music Luxembourg. He also developed a special sensitivity and understanding of child development through trainings at Osho Miasto Personal Development Center.

Through his classes, Alex aims to provide children access to different musical instruments and cultures, and build on their experiences of sound, music, culture, history, natural materials and much more.

Through these interactions, Alex builds on the children’s awareness and understanding of the beautiful, rich and diverse world they live in.

For more information about Alex, please see his website: www.alexakal.com