Yoga, Music & Meditation

Antarma's music spreads joy and uplifting energy. Heart opening songs on Guitar, Ecstatic Afro Brazilian Djembe Rhythms, Soul, Reggae and Hip-hop. He has been on the path of meditation for 17 years and also shares Mantra and Meditation.

He is level 3 qualified Youth worker and has 10 year's experience teaching Djembe, Drumming, Kids Yoga and Guitar and has done this with a wide range of different groups, including schools, nurseries, colleges, children with special needs, refugee youth groups, as well as youth centres with young people at risk of gang crime.

Antarma plays at events, retreats and festivals across the UK. He is regulary invited to hold workshops and concerts internationally in Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Estonia and Malaysia. He is currently working on his eagerly awaited Debut EP release that is due to be released in May 2018.

"Let the clouds pass, cause you are the sky that's blue" Antarma

Alex Akal


Alex Akal is an experimental musician who has performed in different countries in Europe and Asia.

His speciality are vocals and wind instruments, and he also plays percussive and string instruments. Through his travels, Alex has discovered the beauty of many traditional exotic instruments, and has been experimenting with many of them to create unique music that merges different cultures.

Alex has studied music at Cavem Music Luxembourg He also developed a special sensitivity and understanding of child development through trainings at Osho Miasto Personal Development Center

Through his classes, Alex aims to provide children access to different musical instruments and cultures, and build on their experiences of sound, music, culture, history, natural materials and much more.

Through these interactions, Alex builds on the children’s awareness and understanding of the beautiful, rich and diverse world they live in.

For more information about Alex, please see his website:

Overview of Kinja FC

Kinja was founded in 2011, starting with just one team of 8 girls. Since then, the club has grown to have 8 teams, 4 girls and 4 boys, with over 100 players, all being taught the same philosophy of playing possession-based football, with a strong focus on developing the individual players, rather than getting results by any means necessary.

Pranay Dhanani and Harry Sherman have been the owners of the club since July 2017, with Pranay as Chairman, and Harry as Vice Chairman. Since they took control of the club, they have been recognised by Middlesex FA for their outstanding work within grassroots football and the local community. They have also been selected by the national FA to take part in a photoshoot with Martin Glenn [the CEO of the FA], to be used for England’s bid to host the Women’s European Championship tournament in 2021.

The work Kinja FC are doing is also bringing about further opportunities through the regional FA’s. Having been heavily involved with Special Olympics, which is an organisation that focuses on adults and children with disabilities, Kinja have been running a Special Educational Needs [SEN] League, in partnership with Middlesex FA, providing opportunities for children from special needs schools to play football in a competitive, but fun environment. Their work with the SEN League meant that they have also been selected by Middlesex FA to run a female-only disability session, which takes place each week alongside their other training sessions.

Kinja have made advancements on their pathway for all their players, having merged with Camden Town Ladies, a semi-pro side that will give their female players an exit pathway into ladies’ football, and a new Development Centre, which focuses on the development of boys and girls under the age of 10 years old.

The Development Centre uses methodologies from world renown international coaches, to provide the very best opportunities for Kinja’s young players to master the core skills needed in order to excel in competitive youth football and set up a strong foundation to succeed in adult football, too.

To find out more information about the club, please go to their website at, email them at, or to speak directly to the owners, please call 07379 729 615.