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Parents who are interested in registering their child with Learning Stars Montessori may call us to make an

Children entering the school need to be at least 3 months old.

On registering your child, a registration fee and refundable deposit will be required.

Each child is assigned to a key worker who will be responsible for ensuring all the child’s needs are met, and will be your key point of contact. However all teachers do interact fully with all children and the key worker is not a sole point of contact for your child.

We operate a staggered entry for all new children. This means your child will be assigned a start date upon entry to the school. Depending on the age of the child, we may advise on a settling-in period. For over 2 ½, we find it is more beneficial to your child to drop your child at the door and say goodbye. If your child is very distressed we will ask you to take your child home and repeat the same procedure until your child becomes familiar with the classroom and teachers. We will extend the time your child will be at school as and when s/he begins to settle. We are keen the children feel settled and secure as we do not want their first experience of education to be a fearful or daunting one.

For more detailed information about admissions and fees, please contact us.